Doomsday Annotations

Black Cat
Cosplay by Kaitlyn Taarakian
Photography by Ron Gejon Photography


Black Cat

Cosplay by Kaitlyn Taarakian

Photography by Ron Gejon Photography


French PlayStation Ads, 2001

Aren’t we all, Marge. Aren’t we all.

Aren’t we all, Marge. Aren’t we all.


[TW: harassment, threats, stalking, violence, slurs, racism]

So, someone decided to post this submission with a link to medievalpoc to a subreddit called “Tumblr In Action” this morning.

I’ve posted about this before.

Let’s stop pretending we have no idea where this comes from:




And can we stop pretending as if these supposed “rules” actually mean anything, or are ever actually enforced:


Medievalpoc has received tens of thousands of hits from this particular subreddit from more than 60 separate threads, some of which have hundreds of derogatory comments, using slurs, threats, and racist ‘jokes’.


And it is somehow a “coincidence” that I have had to speak to police four times and make official reports due to threats, stalking, harassment, and other nastiness? That people have followed me around in person without my knowledge or consent because of this? People have circumvented the “ignore” function by creating accounts just to send racial slurs and threats.

The rest of this is going under a cut, because it is truly horrific. Please proceed with caution.

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Sweet fucking Jesus. I know people are shits. I just strongly dislike being reminded of it. If harassing someone who is showing you something of history you dislike and have no interest in learning, AND you’re too fucking dumb to stop following them, drop me before I find out you’re that type of idiot. 



Harbor Police arrested a 29-year-old man early Sunday morning, July 27th in a hotel at 333 West Harbor Drive. He was booked into San Diego County Jail at 11:20 am on charges of sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of minor. The victim, a juvenile female, was transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment. The Harbor Police Investigations Unit is handling the incident. This investigation is ongoing.


For those who don’t know what has been happening,

According to the girl’s mother, her injuries are severe, and indicate a vicious beating. Here is the account of what occurred from Tumblr:


One of my dearest friends was found on the side of the road, unconscious and bloody. She was wearing this cosplay on the day it happened. She was last seen with friends when she ran off after a disagreement. Please, please, please, if you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, contact her mother. The full information is down below. This isn’t okay and it’s sickening to know that this happened at a place people truly can enjoy themselves. Please spread the word.

”I just received a call from the San Diego Police Department and my daughter REDACTED aka REDACTED was found on the side of the road covered in blood with no ID unconscious. They are unsure what happened to her. My husband is on his way to the police station and then the hospital. If you have any information on what happened to her please send me a facebook message or call me at REDACTED. Thank you in advance”. -REDACTED

Remember when SDCC said they didn’t want to make their anti-harassment policy clear because it would make it seem like there was a problem? (more)

well too fucking bad, now it REALLY looks like you have a problem, you fucks.


though can we talk about how it’s cute that chris evans doesn’t know the villains in his movies but if it was scarjo it’d be all omg fake geek girl?

Why should it matter if they do? Real or imagined geek cred is not why people enjoy their work.



Scene from S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 without text

Writer- Jonathan Hickman

Art- Dustin Weaver

Color- Christina Strain

This is not how the world ends.

#will this child ever not delight me #can everyone else just look at him and take notes

So his love of good horsemeat is only of a character he played? A-mazing!

All novelists should live in two different worlds: a real one and an unreal one.
John Fowles (via theparisreview)